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In Asia, there are still remnants of the language in the Philippines Spanish is generally thought of as one of the easier languages to learn.

It’s a phonetic language, meaning the way it’s written is the way it's pronounced The biggest differences in grammar include the use of gender, agreements and a more extensive verb conjugation with six different endings for each tense The variations between the Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish mainly lie in pronunciation and intonation but they won’t hamper communication!

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One Tex-Mex item that may someday rival the pizza as an extraordinarily successful ethnic dish is the fajita...introduced at Ninfa's in Houston on July 13, 1973, as tacos al Spanish covering politics, doctors, the police forces, the military or other nationalities.And when telling jokes, political correctness is generally less observed than in English.In informal situations, women meeting men or other women will give a kiss on each cheek Some English subtleties are not as widely used in Spanish and may make the language sound brash at first.For example, in a bar you might be asked: An online Spanish course for beginners in 12 weeks.

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