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‘Kate has been compromised and this she will not tolerate,’ says a source.‘She will make William pay for the embarrassment caused.She can do stony silence, she has a temper when she feels aggrieved.‘Unlike Prince Charles, she will stand up to William in an argument and he will have to listen.’Yet the Prince will never entirely give up his chums, despite his wife’s icy fury. Like him, they are also steeped in privilege and wealth, and love nothing more than a big drinking session.As documented in embarrassing photographs and videos, William spent last weekend in Verbier, Switzerland, with his three best male friends on a boozy lads’ skiing break.The drinks included lashings of beer and lethal Jagerbomb chasers; the evening activity, a bout of rather excruciating ‘dad dancing’; and the female company — a stunning blonde who works as a topless model.Indeed, it’s understood this ill-fated trip was, as with so many embarrassments suffered by William and Harry over the years, all Pelly’s idea, arranged so he could have one final knees-up before becoming a father.It’s said Kate now regrets allowing her husband to continue his association with his scandal-prone chum.So who’s the ringleader of William’s Wild Bunch — and which of the three is most to blame for the Prince’s latest disgrace?

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That’s probably quite a lot of fun to be around for someone who has Royal duties.’Widely said to be the Prince’s best friend, ‘Vans’ is one of Princess Charlotte’s godparents and gave a joint best man’s speech at William’s wedding.While they are prized by the Prince for their loyalty, that doesn’t mean they don’t also indulge in raucous, even vulgar behaviour — much to the Duchess of Cambridge’s displeasure.It’s perhaps telling of her real opinion of them that Kate didn’t accompany William to the weddings of all three. With three criminal convictions and a string of business failures, one of which cost the taxman almost £400,000, and an unfailing hesitation to capitalise on his links with William and brother Harry to publicise his many ventures, you can see why he’s not quite Kate’s cup of tea.Pelly’s mother Vanda, a sculptor, lives in Gloucestershire and was separated from his late father John, a car dealer who owned two garages in Kent.Pelly’s family are among the horsey set — his godfather is racing trainer Nick Gasley. In 2015, after John Pelly died, the Prince missed the annual Buckingham Palace Christmas lunch in order to to attend his memorial service — leaving Kate to go alone to the Palace.

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