Sophos update manager not updating software delivery failed

Taylor Wolfe, Systems Engineer @ JAMF helped me by sending the instructions.

I added a dummy in [server]/Casper Share/as a test, I can view the page with https.

I am fairly new to IIS :( Checking for policy ID 38247...

Error ID 16389 Decode operation failed with an unexpected error.

I'm receiving either an "Installation of Sophos Auto Update Failed [0x00000008]" error or an "A runtime error occurred. From my testing, when this error occurs it's because the Auto Update folder that's created in either of the following locations has messed up permissions.

Basically, it won't allow anyone or anything to access it or delete it.

I am trying to use the self signed cert for testing.

I'm in the same boat as Cem, however I'm not using a self-signed cert.

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