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Once they fill out the form, they are connected to our IRC server, and sent to the rescue channel, #fuelrats.

Once the client is connected, our trusty IRC Bot, Mecha Squeak, is notified of the new case and triggers a Ratsignal, a word that most Rats have set up as a highlight to warn them of new cases.

Every one of us makes all the Fuel Rats collective look good. If one of your fellow Rats is role-playing, it’s probably nice if you play along.

Which also means that if one of us is misbehaving, they make all of us look bad. Since the game hasn’t got a very good fee-structure or means of exchanging wealth, we talk a lot about charging a 100t of platinum, an arm, or a liver.

People often rat 'on the side' while out doing other things, like mining, exploring or combat.

Whilst it is debatable whether or not a cash shell such as Spinnaker falls under the requirements, some investors have reported problems with intermediaries declining to allow them to purchase the Company's shares in the absence of a KID.

The board has therefore taken the pragmatic decision to compile a KID to facilitate trading in the Company's shares.

From there, a rat currently holding the role of Dispatcher handles the case workflow.

Primarily, the client communicates with the Dispatcher, and the rats communicate with Dispatch in the IRC channel.

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