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It is easier to list the few maverick oddities than to try to summarise the majority: thus, the tawse was specified instead of the cane in a handful of places, including Newcastle, Gateshead, Manchester (which changed over from the cane in 1907), and Walsall.Just one LEA, Coventry, bizarrely required all canings for both sexes, even at secondary level, to be applied to offenders' hands and not to their backsides.LEA rules from earlier periods include the long-defunct Middlesex in 1950 (girls to be caned "only in exceptional circumstances" and only on the hands; boys could be caned on the hands or buttocks) and Somerset in 1954 (CP only as a last resort; girls to be caned only in extreme cases, and never by male teachers).There had been disputes about CP since the early days of universal state education.For some early such cases, see this Dec 1900 news item and this May 1903 one (the latter being interesting also for its use by the magistrate of the colloquial term "to be swished" meaning to be caned) and this Nov 1933 one.Another example is this 1937 appeal hearing, in which a headmaster's conviction for assault was overturned, even though the caned boy was said in evidence to be severely bruised.

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Most had anticipated the legislation and abandoned CP voluntarily several years earlier. This page is mainly about state schools in England and Wales.A few Christian private schools held out, and fought the ban through the courts, ultimately without success (see links below). Because Scotland has its own distinct education system with different traditions, there is a separate article about CP in Scottish schools.Private schools, about which even fewer generalisations are possible, will have to await separate treatment elsewhere.It is not clear how long this eccentric policy lasted: MGS seems to have reverted to caning by the postwar era and was certainly using the cane in the 1970s.Records show that third-, fourth- and fifth-formers (ages 13 to 16 inclusive) were by far the most frequent recipients.

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