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If a legacy dating site makes a major change, we look into whether it improved or soured the user experience.

We also cast a wide net to identify and review new sites that may still be in the start-up stage.

We conduct our reviews in order to help people like yourself find the dating sites that best suit them in terms of personality, lifestyle, budget and level of participatory zeal.

You may ask yourself, “what the hell are they talking about, participatory zeal?

The notion of what is termed as “traditional” matchmaking has always been dynamic.

There are idealized stereotypes of what it was, but if you look in depth at each decade of the last 150 years, each one had its own dating norms.

You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free.

Then, it is a matter of actually getting your feet wet and registering for a few dating sites.

Most offer free truncated versions or free trial memberships. Even when you decide to make the jump over to paid dating sites, nearly all offer one-month memberships — so you are never trapped to any commitment or cost obligations lasting longer than 30 days.

This resulted in hundreds of matchmaking agencies opening across the U. As such, younger singles today view dating sites as the norm — part of the singles paradigm.

In 1996, the year the online dating industry considers its birth year — there were only 15 online dating sites. The online dating industry estimates that there will be 1,000 new dating sites in the U. The 1940s and 50s brought statistics-based matchmaking to the world. Who knows how many of our readers might be the result of a video date match from their parents’ generation.

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