Skype camfuck buddy

[1/21/2012 PM] S: what can I say[1/21/2012 PM] S: where have you been all my life[1/21/2012 PM] J: Waiting?

Take sexting to the next level by adding other locals on Skype. So flex, spread, and embrace your new sex buddy with the power of Skype. Pleaaasssee.[1/21/2012 PM] S: I put one finger deep inside you and hold it there so you have something to grind on[1/21/2012 PM] S: the taste and smell is intoxicating, I'm drunk with your sex[1/21/2012 PM] J: Oh. I'm so close.[1/21/2012 PM] J: Tell me again.[1/21/2012 PM] S: shoot your juices into me[1/21/2012 PM] S: I want to drink every drop[1/21/2012 PM] S: I want to feel you orgasming on my tongue[1/21/2012 PM] S: climax in my mouth[1/21/2012 PM] J: Tell me more!!! You got me off twice.[1/21/2012 PM] S: wow[1/21/2012 PM] S: WOW[1/21/2012 PM] J: You make me horny[1/21/2012 PM] S: amazing what the power of the mind can do[1/21/2012 PM] J: Hot too[1/21/2012 PM] S: horny and hot[1/21/2012 PM] J: I'm exhausted, but if I were there, we'd be going for #3. I need to hear it[1/21/2012 PM] S: you can sleep well tonight[1/22/2012 AM] S: get some rest, you'll need to build your energy up[1/22/2012 AM] S: you'll need it when we do it for real[1/22/2012 AM] J: K. Lolol[1/21/2012 AM] S: I bet your pussy is dripping wet, I've got my fingers up you right now[1/21/2012 AM] J: Stroking so long and hard... I'm so juicy and wet for your touch.[1/21/2012 AM] J: See??? Grab them...[1/21/2012 AM] S: Im sucking hard[1/21/2012 AM] J: That's my job...[1/21/2012 AM] S: I'm deep inside of you[1/21/2012 AM] S: you're moaning[1/21/2012 AM] J: Soooo deep. Slurping alllll that pre-jiz and sliding it up and down...[1/21/2012 AM] S: you read my mind[1/21/2012 AM] J: It's a gift.[1/21/2012 AM] S: I want to fuck your mouth[1/21/2012 AM] S: then i want to suck your tits[1/21/2012 AM] J: Allllll the way in. The tip down my throat pulsing.[1/21/2012 AM] J: Awfully bendy are ya?? Big juicy nipples that get hard inside your mouth[1/21/2012 AM] S: i couldn’t take my ears off your tshirt thinking how much i wanted to bury my face in your boobs and suck those rock hard nipples dry[1/21/2012 AM] S: oops eyes hard to type one handed[1/21/2012 AM] S: when my other hand is riding up and down[1/21/2012 AM] J: Ears, eyes, whatever! You're so hard.[1/21/2012 AM] S: I'm filling you up, can't hold on much longer[1/21/2012 AM] J: I'm going to cum so hard...

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