Sixth date dating is trace cyrus dating hannah beth

This weekend was pretty packed with stuff together (longest we have spent together so far): Friday- It started off as neither of us having much plans so she said she would keep me updated about something to do.We ended up going to a baseball game and meeting up with some of her friends there. We held hands and kissed a few times throughout the night. Saturday- She had nothing to do so I invited her to go on a road trip to a hiking trail about two hours from where we live, its a trail she has always wanted to go to. During the hike there was a bee that kept following me and we were making jokes about it. We stopped at a little town on the way home and went to a semi fancy restaurant that I know of and got dinner and beer.

If you have any interest, try sitting her down and talking about it. Ask if she has any romantic feelings towards you and then gauge her response.

I've been on 6 dates so far with a nice young lady (both mid 20's) I met but I'm not really sure how it's going.

We have a great time on the dates but so far nothing (little peck kisses only) has happened physically.

I'm not cashing in my chips at all, that's why I'm here! As I said before our dates have been great and leave me feeling really good about what's happening other than the physical part.

Ill take your advice and just come right out with it and ask on the next date. I didn't actually cry Smile Face: we've been dating about a month. So no one else thinks that's too long for some physical confirmation.....guess I was way off base.

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