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The other secretaries in the office, who were well aware of Mark’s penchant for practical jokes, had simply laughed along when they had each been victimized in turn. I’m afraid your father was just beside himself.

Catherine, on the other hand, had grown so angry that Mark thought she might explode. Undeterred, Catherine continued, "Well, I hope you like it, because I thought that you might like to wear it one day when you get married. He was mortified that his namesake—his only son-- was a little fairy. "Just like the times when you told your dad I was a gold digging slut. A girl has to know what’s going on around her. Oh, we’re going to have so much fun, you and I!

How in the world could he deal with Catherine and her son? As the ushers led the last few guests to their seat, Mark panicked as he saw Catherine heading his way, a predatory smile playing about her face. Of course, your father doesn’t know that I know. But it was what she would do with the knowledge that scared him. At the reception, Mark sat morosely by himself, full of self-pity.

It’s our little secret." "But it was all a misunderstanding…" Mark stammered. Catherine had seen to it that none of his friends had been invited to the wedding.

Lights flashed as the wedding photographer captured shot after shot of the boy who had caught the bride’s bouquet.

As Mark caught Catherine’s eye, his blood ran cold.

His "popularity" in school was bred largely from fear.

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Mark thought ruefully about the fateful night when he did the unthinkable—he had tried on his mother’s clothes.She was looking at Mark with a feral, predatory look that frightened him to the core.Mark began to breathe normally only when Catherine and his father made their way to the limousine waiting to take them to the airport.It seemed like only yesterday that Mark’s mother and father had split up.Mark’s dad, Mark Senior, was a partner in one of the city’s oldest and most respected law firms.

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