Sirius updating channels 0

The voice recognition system is designed to work with the windows up, the HVAC fan on Off or Low, and the user speaking in a normal tone.It will not work as well if the windows are down, the fan is on high, or if the driver speaks in low tones.

sirius updating channels 0-58sirius updating channels 0-90sirius updating channels 0-76

Restore power, disc should read properly and complete update.

For an REN radio, hold the AUDIO button while pressing SEEK UP and SEEK DOWN at the same time.

If discs frequently jam, using high quality media and better �burning� software to create the discs may solve the problem.

This notice explains how to obtain the free firmware update for the AVH-X5600BHS and AVH-X3600BHS. Download the firmware update files to a computer from the Pioneer website: 2. You can also contact our Customer Service team by email at: (Please select "Warranty and Service Issues" from Inquiry Type on drop down menu) Note: If the DEH-X6600BS serial number ends with #9752 or greater (MITM009752UC) or the DEH-X3600S serial number ends with #6829 or greater (MITM006829UC), or shows a BLUE dot on the serial number sticker (unit or carton), you do not need to do anything.

Transfer the files to a USB storage device for connection to the Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS and AVH-X3600BHS DVD Receiver. If you have any questions, please contact Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 1-800-421-1404. Thank you for your support of Pioneer Car Electronics Products.

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