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During the 1990s and early 2000s, there was a transition from traditional video game platforms like arcades, to consoles such as the original Playstation, for their ability to be played at home.PC games remained popular during this time, as many publishers continued to produces games primarily for the PC platform.Combat flight simulators are classified according to their historical period, type of aircraft, and level of detail, this method of classifying means that many simulators belong to more than one category, which leads to arguments about what can be considered actual simulations instead of games.Generally, simulations are expected to be imitations of real-world technology, while games are not; therefore, every game with flying in them does not fit into the category of "flight simulation." Simulator realism can be classified as the following: A survey simulation is a classification of simulator that includes a variety (or survey) of aircraft from the period in question, this type of classification applies to many historical combat simulators, and typically includes aircraft from all nations participating in the conflict.The 1980s experienced a wave of more advanced simulation video games with companies such as Atari Inc.releasing their own game called Red Baron in 1980, which used Quadra Scan graphics and sound effects to simulate first-person flight combat.

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Several rival publishers rose during this period such as Nova Logic with titles like the Comanche Series that simulated helicopter combat, and Electronic Arts with Jane's WWII Fighters which improved upon features such as detailed visible damage.Many free flight simulators, such as Digital Combat Simulator and War Thunder, can be downloaded for free off of the Internet.Prior to the rise of modern-day video games, electro-mechanical games were produced that used rear image projection in a manner similar to the ancient zoetrope to produce moving animations on a screen.Titles featuring these improvements include Jane's Combat Simulations, a line of flight simulations originally developed by Electronic Arts and later continued by the company Third Wire, as well as the series Strike Fighters: Project 1 and Wings over Europe.The "study sim" is a genre of simulation games that focuses on modelling an aircraft's systems as accurately as possible.

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