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In the early stages of the silent treatment, it is easy to get frustrated and say things that you don't mean.

It's important to keep a level head when talking to your partner about issues, especially when you're not receiving feedback.

If you feel that your partner was in the wrong, be ready to forgive before talking it over.

Holding grudges will only prolong the silence, and acting out of spite will hold over long after the argument has been resolved. " will steer the conversation towards a more helpful theme. Be sure to let your partner know that the silence upset you. Saying, "I appreciate that I upset you, but silence is a barrier in our communication.

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"Marital therapists and clinicians have been dealing with this issue since the 1930s, but ...

Silence does not indicate a lack of affection but a way to quiet the discomfort of confrontation. If you're in a confrontational mood, calm down before attempting to speak with your partner.

"Soon you're no longer addressing the issue at hand.

You start arguing about arguing." Practicing the silent treatment is a bad habit for couples, and it also places an unnecessary amount of emotional and physical stress on individuals.

In a handful of studies that Schrodt and his colleagues examined, researchers found an association between couples who practice demand-withdrawal patterns and individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, mental health symptoms, and even physiological changes.

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