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I'm glad that you think that Sertraline is the right one.

I was also looking at Venlaflaxine to see if it would suit better, but from what I see, it is similar to Fluoxetine and Citalopram in that it can have suicidal intent although from what I read, there have been more people completing suicide on Venlaflaxine than those on Fluoxetine and Citalopram.

Now some SSRI antidepressant like Paroxetine are very sedating and hence should be taken at night while some SSRI antidepressant like Fluoxetine are activating antidepressant and should be taken during the day time.

In majority of patients, Sertraline and Escitalopram are activating and are usually prescribed o be taken during the day time.

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Hello, As you must be knowing, Sertraline is a SSRI antidepressant.

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If a patient complains of insomnia while taking sertraline (problem sleeping at night) the usual strategy is to either prescribe a benzodiazepine such as Lorazepam to be taken on as and when needed or occasionally we also add Mirtazapine in a low dose of 7.5 mg at night along with sertraline.

Addition of adding Mirtazapine to sertraline is that Mirtazapine is very sedating in nature so helps in sleeping and in addition to augmenting the antidepressant effect of sertraline it also counteract the sexual and gastrointestinal side effects of Sertraline. If you have any other related query, please feel free to ask. Or because of the fact that Mirtazapine is a sidating drug that it might have been too high and couldn't work as an antidepressant alone for me?

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