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neuroticism," which "may contribute to the higher levels of anxiety women report on Googlegeist and to the lower number of women in high stress jobs." (Googlegeist is the company's annual data-driven employee survey.)Damore's memo brought a renewed focus to Silicon Valley's gender inequity, as well as the inevitable charges from conservative corners that Google was attempting to silence Damore simply for speaking his mind.

But screenshots of Google's internal forums acquired by WIRED show that Damore found plenty of support from his coworkers.

But I think it’s failing to bite an important bullet, failing to follow its ideas to their inevitable conclusion." Then, in an apparent attempt to highlight the absurdity of Damore's case, the employee asks, "Does the author think we should be more willing to consider essentialist explanations for the company’s racial makeup?

"Damore, however, seems to have missed the question's sardonic framing.

"Let's take a step back," the Googler wrote, "and look at what is actually making everyone in Google upset on this thread and in general since the start of the 2016 election season." He went on to describe how the apparent uniformity of thought at Google led people like Damore to feel "like they are being forcibly dragged into [sic] ideological indoctrination chamber." He goes on: For example, there is broad consensus in all American companies that everyone should be treated the same regardless of race and gender and that sexual harassment or other mistreatment of employees should not be tolerated.

At one point on Friday, on a thread titled "Why the focus on sex instead of race?

," a Google employee noted that "the paper is striking at a lot of people’s values.

But I do not think there is consensus on the following things, which are treated as obvious and noncontroversial at Google.

We could go on, or start a centithread on any of these subjects.

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