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God bless them and all who lost their lives in the Service. My father served on Dance Class trawlers during the war. Someone needs to put together the complete WW2 small ships history and with your obvious expertees, why not you.Well done, Tim Maddison Personally, I think that youre website is very interesting, only one comment I think that you should include a few pictures of the ships mentioned.

I did a bit of research on this and found out what RNPS meant, and that the Alouette was a trawler (torpedoed by a U-Boat). Lowe) was the first recipient of the CSC a esult of service with the Naval Brigade in the Boer War.

I would most grateful,if anyone could get in touch with me with the idea of offering me a photo of any Admiralty Class Trawler. He was rescued from the water during the "pedestal" convoy when it was sunk. I served under Ravenhill when he was skipper of HMS Newfoundland,1944-5.

The users email address is: [email protected] surfed your most excellent website and located the name of R. I am anxious to obtain further information about him for publication in our Association journal or where I might obtain career history. Dear Forbes The first CONGRATULATION, FORBES, from Norway ,from Namsos and the place where RUTLANDSHIRE came to her end!

Did anyone serve on her, or have any more info or even a picture? I am ex Royal Navy and also ex Royal Fleet Reserve.

My family were all trawlermen and I served on minesweepers.

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