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this led to untold numbers of deaths and was and is a very black cloud on the Highlanders memories.

I just wondered if there could possibly be a family connection to the clearances albeit an English one. Selina Poole (my paternal grandmother) was born on 28 November 1900 to John Poole and Sara Poole (formerly Ward) she was born in Wishaw in Lanarkshire in Scotland.

I am currently studying with the University of Aberdeen and concentrating on the Highland clearances.I would be pleased if you could put me in touch with someone who may have drawn up a family tree of Hingley's especially with its famous associations in the area, Noah Hingley and Benjamin Hingley.Thanks, Steve Reynolds Dear Editor, I hope you can help me.Does any reader have any information regarding these premises, including the 'name' of the establishment?Raymond Smout Dear Editor, Although I live well north of the Black Country, I went to school in the fifties in Wednesbury. As a youngster I went to a very small Cinema, it was in a shopping Arcade in Walsall?

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