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In Warsaw Lasovsky had heard about, and actually seen, the uprising during its second day. I saw it with my own eyes, German blood being spilled!" "Thank G-d I lived to see the day," I said to him and jumped off my bunk.They realized they would not be able to beat the German army.But if they were going to die, they would at least take some Germans with them.It would have been a great honor, a tremendous opportunity, to join them, to fight to save the lives of innocent Jews and non-Jews under German occupation.We had heard that the partisans liberated a camp not far from ours. In the end, though, the partisans did not come near Kamionka until the camp had already been liquidated.Later on in Kamionka, a small number of Germans did whatever they wanted with Russian soldiers, men who had been trained to fight battles.

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The Nazis couldn't handle this because it showed them that we Jews would defeat them. We have a different view though they couldn't see what was happening ells where.

One night in April 1943, Ladovsky, Rebel's Jewish chauffer, came into my barracks and woke me up.

He had just returned from Warsaw with Rebel where they had gone to purchase supplies.

Like Jews, they could bleed, and this resistance saved Jewish honor.

Of course, within a few weeks the Germans had overrun the ghetto, killing almost everyone inside, and shipped the survivors to the death camps.

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