Sex talk 121

Kontras Have to send a minimum of 1000 messages per month which is only doable if you log on during busy times, otherwise the opportunities come in very slowly and the work is extremely tedious and very repetitive. This meant that I worked 6-8 hours over three evenings for the princely sum of approx £5.00The customers pay for expensive credits and are deceived into thinking that they're talking to women who are genuinely looking for sex, as an operator you have to go along with that deception and it's not a good feeling.

If your chat partner doesn’t offer up much info, ask questions about them!

When you are in a relationship there are times that you might want to not have sex. You can do this pretty easily by getting on a phone line for sex.

You can build intimacy in other ways in your relationship. However, you will still want to get your sexual needs met somehow.

no one wants to sit at home for that amount of money having to be glued to their computer in order to make a decent living.

Rat an das Management Pay your workers a decent wage and perhaps they'd actually work hard to cover the busy moments.

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