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Over the last few weeks, police in Youngstown, Ohio, have had to respond to over a dozen calls detailing how the zombie-like rodents have been exhibiting strange behavior.

Most of the phone calls have been made during the daytime, which is a strange occurrence given raccoons' propensity to be nocturnal.'I looked over there and got distracted because I saw a raccoon coming our way,' said Robert Coggeshall to WKBN.

We understand the metaphor Bill, Wolcott, CT, it's not that difficult to grasp. In baseball, teams don't attempt a squeeze play with 2 outs. I have to comment to Ray in Jackson, NJ with regards to the strategy that teams use with 2 outs. His website says he has only a big sister, "Sister: Angela De Vito (beauty-parlor owner; older)"Karla De Vito is talented enough without having Danny as a big brother.actually, isn't it two outs to show the girl's strategic error?

Ray...a song....first base is a kiss, 2nd base is feeling up her chest, 3rd base is below the belt..the HOMERUN...scoring..need to spell it out. she didn't hav to get herself in that situation, she let him go for home rather than take him out before he even got to first..sumthin like that The baseball reference is strategically wrong as no baseball team uses a squeeze play with two outs.

They also tend to become infected by coming in contact with body fluids or droppings.

'Raccoons are really prone to getting diseases that even among themselves can be devastating to the population,' Geoff Westerfield, a wildlife biologist with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife, explained.

Get on his hind feet and show his teeth,' Coggeshall said.

In the past three weeks, authorities have had to respond to 14 calls depicting similar altercations.

I believe the Florida Marlins also used this at least once this past season.Coggeshall's routine playtime with his dogs was cut short when a sickly raccoon made its way toward them.He adds that even when he tried to bring the dogs inside, the raccoon followed them up until the door.The pitcher and corner infielders would be caught off-guard.If the first baseman charges - and he would - the second baseman would have to cover first, again something he wouldn't anticipate.

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