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These triggers are instinctive cues for men to perk up and get excited.

And once you know how to “USE” these Attraction Triggers, then men will automatically feel attracted to you on a gut level, and sometimes they won’t even know why!

Abandoned her after everything seemed to be going well… What made the matter more frustrating for her was that she looked around her and saw that other women who were average looking were able to attract high quality men. have you ever wished that a particular man would hopefully feel attracted to you? Let me share with you the top 3 reasons why men have not been as attracted to you as they should have been... It’s almost like as if they don’t have their own permission to be themselves…Perhaps you know someone, intimately, who has done this?! )You see, men have preyed on women for as long as we’ve been around on this Earth. ) So it’s totally justified to not be comfortable being a woman. if you’re not comfortable being a woman, (and men are attracted to women), then how are you going to be able to attract men? There’s nothing wrong with this by the way, it’s our birthright to achieve the results we want; just as good and better results than men. being in the masculine energy will instantly kill the attraction that most men will feel for you. Because they’ll feel like you’re just like another “guy” friend and there would simply be no polarity.

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No wonder sometimes we get unsure about what to do! Have you noticed that common-sense has become rather uncommon?)And if you haven't heard about these “hardwired” male triggers…Then don’t worry, neither did I until my “fat and dateless” friend Lisa explained them carefully to me.Now I’m not talking about cheap relationship advice like “make sure you have things in common”, or “what to say to men to make them like you”, I’m talking "Instant Attraction Triggers" that will literally make men tremble with desire for you.(Imagine that!but she couldn’t seem to hold a man's attention and attraction for very long... Sometimes, by being an authentic woman, you can really get yourself into dangerous situations if you were to bring attention onto yourself. So it’s time for you to get in touch with your true feminine side again and be ok with the fact that you ARE a beautiful woman.The only long term boyfriend she had years and years ago, left her out of the blue. How many times have you seen or heard of women who are uncomfortable…just BEING THEMSELVES? (I’m sure you know other women who have been taken advantage of! And of course, it’s very important for you to stay safe, but don’t let that stop you from being the woman that men are attracted to. They take on a masculine job, speak in a masculine tone of voice and act and hold themselves as if they are competing with other men.

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