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Information contained within a case file varies from one file to another but can include: committal proceedings, court logs, police statements, copy indictment, evidence for the prosecution, list of witnesses with their statements and depositions, list of exhibits produced in court, photographs of the crime scene, sentence, and detail of appeal.

Not all individual case files are kept permanently.

Chaired by Lord Beeching, the three year investigation identified many problems with the existing criminal justice system.

To improve efficiency the report recommended its replacement with a nationally administered court and the Courts Act 1971 incorporated most of the recommendations.

A case number is recorded on each indictment and will take the same format as in this example: ‘721717’.

The ’72’ denotes the year, in this case 1972, and the 1717 denotes the 1717th case heard by the Crown court that year.

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These new courts took responsibility for the quarter sessions work as well as criminal assize work for south Lancashire.

For more detailed advice on records of the Central Criminal Court (the Crown Court in the City of London) see our guide to Trials in the Old Bailey and the Central Criminal Court.

The ‘Report of the Royal Commission on Assizes and Quarter Sessions’ (Sessional Papers, House of Commons, Cmnd 4153, 1966-69, XXVIII, 433) was published in 1969.

The assizes work for the west Derby area was assigned to Liverpool and the assizes work of Salford was assigned to Manchester.

The indictment is an important document and contains key information about the progress of the trial, outcome and appeal (if relevant).

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