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Limerence is an intense and deep state of involuntary infatuation with another person - to the point of obsession.Although there is an overlap between the experience of love and limerence, limerence is different in that a person in limerence isn't as concerned with caring for the other person so much as it is about securing that person's affection.Her writing has been featured on The National Domestic Violence Hotline, The Huffington Post, Psych Central, Elephant Journal, Dollhouse Magazine, The West 4th Street Review, Thought Catalog, the Feministing Community blog, and Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Her interests include psychology, sociology, education, gender studies and mental health advocacy.Her blog, Self-Care Haven, has 2.6 million views worldwide and her work has been endorsed and shared by numerous clinical psychologists, mental health practitioners, bestselling authors, and award-winning bloggers.Self-harm is often a maladaptive coping mechanism for deep pain.Those who self-harm are usually trying to cope with feelings of great distress they feel they don’t have the resources to deal with otherwise.It contains some of the deep-seated belief systems and thoughts that we harbor beneath our conscious awareness, usually rooted in and stemming from childhood.It’s no surprise, then, that the subconscious has been hugely implicated in self-sabotaging behaviors.

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To give yourself permission to let go of the person you tried to be in all of your relationships in order to become who you were really meant to be.

If you’re an empath, you’ve probably experienced the dark side of being one.

Here are five ways empaths and highly sensitive people experience the world differently.

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