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If you head to coast towns during the summer time there will be some Albanian girls in holiday mode that might be a little more likely to hook up.

There isn’t even much action with online dating here.

It isn’t only a conservative country when it comes to hookers, easy sex and one night stands are going to be hard to come by.

In fact you are probably going to have better luck with day game than you will in the nightlife, but we will get into that later.

This isn’t a quick hit and run type of town, you are going to have to play the long game. The mongering probably even worse than the nightlife.

You might be able to find some freelance prostitutes around Skenderbej Square or roaming the streets of the Blloku but don’t expect much of a red light district here.

On a positive note this is a very cheap place to live or visit and there are some great sights to see as well.

There is decent nightlife here, and the Tirana girls are friendly enough, but hooking up isn’t easy. Just go and try to Google escorts or prostitutes in Tirana and see how few options pop up.We will get into the difficulties of meeting girls in Tirana nightlife in the next section, but for now lets start with the positives of day game here.As mentioned the girls are very friendly and approachable.In most places around the world these days if you do that you get page after page of online ads.Heck, we just looked on Backpage and there was 1 post.

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