Secular dating vs christian dating

But I've had better luck sharing music with them that are made by Christians but are much more subtle about it in their songs.

And then after we become music friends, it gives me an opportunity later to mention that the songs they like were created by Christians who believe in God.

pornography, is evidence of God's work in the human soul.

We should seek truth in all places, especially within those who bear His image.

Secular artists are on that stage to gain fame and glorify themselves..of course to become as wealthy as can be.

So honestly it doesn't matter if there lyrics include God or even maybe mention Jesus somewhere.its not done totally for Gods worship and his kingdom its not of cannot serve two masters.. Post Reply Welder you are correct, but have you considered that a worker is worth their hire ?

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I wish I was good at converting nonbelievers but in the mean time I try to use this music to eventually show them that what they're missing in life is God and the music that's helping them can only ease the symptoms but not fill the gap for which God can cure.

I am of the belief that God works in whatever way he is able to to reach us, cue donkey's as-s, I feel I must qualify my starting point, I'm an ex muso who still produces music so the production ethos is always where I start.

If God can produce a Choir of angels to make the most heavenly music that transcends all ages and genres then why do we need to put on the emperors new clothes every few years, you can hear when God is at work, he stops you causes you to listen and then speaks truth that is in agreement with His principles and Word, if he wants to do that through "secular music" then so be it, if he struggles with "christian music", then that is just a sad reflection on our own desires, Matt Redman apologised to God in one Hymn for what he'd made worship to become, worship of self, idolistic, that's the problem with a lot of christian music today, who can tell the difference ?

I lived for many years with the impression that I should only listen to Christian music, that is music with lyrics that address Christian ideas or beliefs.

I have since changed my opinion and would welcome comments.

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