Seattle dating over 50

“He may be technically in the front office,” says one of Ichiro’s closest friends. You don’t usually gamble, but your buddy Jake wanted to go, so you’ve been stuck playing blackjack for an hour.The night is winding down, and you’ve had enough drinks to decide that the in chips you have left isn’t really all that much money;...

Every week, we ask all of our baseball writers — both the local scribes and the national team, more than 30 writers in all — to rank the teams from first to worst. Friends, we are rapidly approaching the end of May, and baseball is starting to get fully... The primary exception is the AL Central, who mercifully got snowed out quite a bit in early April.The Gonzaga coach hasn’t had much free time since the season ended, between attending the Final Four, hitting the recruiting trail and working the transfer market. James Paxton’s Seattle Mariners teammates call him Big Maple.It is a fitting nickname for the left-handed starter. Also on his right forearm — his non-throwing arm — Paxton has a tattoo of a big maple leaf. Ichiro Suzuki may be in the Mariners front office at the age of 44, but he is far from putting his 4,367 hits — accumulated over parts of 27 seasons in Japan and the United States — in cold storage.Every April, at every level, players emerge unexpectedly and get the baseball world talking.This year at the major league level it’s been players like Didi Gregorius of the Yankees, Mitch Haniger of the Mariners and Jed Lowrie of the Athletics. Fresh starts aside, the month of April isn’t often kind to Major League hitters.

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