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I tested two of Liquidmetal s HLS Series drivers, an 8.5 with 100i Grafalloy stiff shaft and a 9.5 with a 90i Grafalloy shaft.

Both clubs had a 57 lie, an overall length of 45 inches, and a head volume of 260cc s, and were hilted with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.

I did, because there is one quality this club has that separates it from all others tested this year: the ball absolutely rockets of the face, and I mean fast–faster than any other club I can recall.

In addition, the 8.5 blends well the 100i shaft and creates a wonderful, seamless partnership throughout the swing.

The general feel of this setup is above average, and if you are tired of swinging drivers that feel like sails catching a full breeze, try the Liquidmetal and you ll see what I mean.

Other than the clubface, however, the club is fairly traditional in design, excluding its tear drop-shaped sole plate which moves the center of gravity to the rear.

The club is an attractive design, but it is not as innovative as the metal from which it is composed. It has a cool water drop shaped club indicator that hangs from the top of the cover, harkening back to the old covers of days gone by.

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