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Color Index = 34 End Sub Private Sub Band Rows_Invisble(Start Row As Integer, End Row As Integer) Dim i As Long, nothidden As Boolean Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Range("A" & Start Row & ": K" & End Row). Color Index = xl None For i = Start Row To End Row If Not Rows(i). Color = RGB(196, 189, 151) End If End If Next i Application.

I have word documents that will contain a number of tables. If a table contains less columns I can delete a column from the final code.

My attempt at putting together the concept, Column Sizes For Each Table In Active Document.

Width = 20 etc On Error Go To 0 Next End Sub Dim Table As Table, Cell As Cell Dim col as column For Each Table In Active Document.

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So, I decided to stop acting like a shameless 'script-kiddy' and put the below sample together: Sub Alternate Row Colors() Dim last Row as Long last Row = Range("A1"). Row For Each Cell In Range("A1: A" & last Row) ''change range accordingly If Cell. If so, please do tell because I'm very eager to learn simplification as I have a tendency to write verbose code at present. Add Type:=xl Expression, Formula1:="=MOD(ROW(),2)=0" rng. Activate End With 'Create File System Object to search for excel files in given path Set FSO = Create Object("Scripting. Select End With counter = counter 1 Next Application.Substitute(Just File Name, "'", "''") Path Str = "'" & Just Folder & "\[" & Just File Name & "]" & Sh Name & "'! " On Error Resume Next Sheet Check = Execute Excel4Macro(Path Str & Range("A1").

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