Scott michael foster and spencer grammer dating in real life

But she may wind up on the Bravo franchise in some way, as kids are wont to do.Spencer is the oldest of Kelsey's four children — from three different mothers.Mc Dorman plays a character inspired by Cooper’s, who will also appear in the television series.Although Mc Dorman is shooting scenes with an Oscar-nominee, his best bud off-camera is still Foster, who joked about his good friend’s success: “Yeah, he’s just off hanging out with Bradley Cooper!Spencer's mom is Doreen Alderman, a dance instructor who was married to Kelsey for eight years.

To celebrate the comedy’s anniversary, take a look at what the breakout stars are up to in 2015., we instantly wondered whether Kelsey's actress daughter, Spencer, would make a cameo.Since Camille is her stepmother — and has two young children of her own — we doubt Spencer will be prominently featured.After the show, Hill went on to an arc in another ABC Family show, “Twisted,” in which Denise Richards starred.Dale was truly one of a kind on the college comedy, thanks to Clark Duke’s fabulously awkward, geeky portrayal.

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