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They did have good food though.""Yea and nice music. I hope these pain pills work fast.""Wish I could take a sick day off work. The waitress came back and placed their glasses of water on the table in front of them."Can I start you off with any appetizers? "Do you have any food that's not covered with layered sauce or barely covered at all?This meeting will be so pointless man." Schmidt left out the front door."If anyone needs me," Winston grabbed his basketball. "Nick looked at Sarah to see what her response would be but he noticed that she didn't want any appetizers either."No" Nick said. I just want to be able to see what I'm eating before I eat it.""We have salads, fries…""Both sound great.The next day, at night, Jess was on her laptop in her room with a grin on her face."Nick! Nick walked out into the living room dressed up."Hey! "…buddies."Nick waited at a table for two at a restaurant for his date to arrive.

"As much as I would love to, I have to study for this bar exam.""Seriously man?

Once he found his bookmark, he began lip reading the text. Moments later, a loud sound of wood and another hard object hitting the floor could be heard from Jess's room. He looked like he was in pain as he held his hand up to his swollen cheek.

He closed the front door and notice Jess sitting on the couch."Hey, Nick! " Jess had her laptop sitting on her lap."Yes-ouch!

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