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-The disappearance of MADELEINE BETH Mc CANN was reported to the 24/7 service of the PJ through a phone call from the National Republic Guard [GNR] in Lagos mad around midnight on May 3, 2007. * How often did you use to see their children, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie ? * KENNETH ARTHUR WALDEN, 37 LOXXXXXXXXXX Ro XX, Walton Le Wolds, IEXX 8 XX, England.

-International dissemination was made; -During three days these kinds of dogs were used in searches carried out in a perimeter of approximately 15 square kilometres [ /- 5.8 square miles]; -Meanwhile, investigations were going on in order to collect all kinds of information, always having in view to work out all possible scenarios. * On realising Madeleine had not been found in the first 10 minutes, how did Gerald react ? * Can you say whether the indication given to the cuddly toy corresponds to a concrete alert to dead body scent or to a mere dog playing trick ? * Who decided to call the Law Enforcement Authorities ?

Countless investigations were carried out, in order to confirm or invalidate the several clues concerning a possible abduction. * What do you think about their behaviour considering that Madeleine had gone missing ? * In what concerns the cadaver scent on KATE's clothing, could it be undoubtedly stated that those clothes had been in contact with a dead body ? * After the alarm to the disappearing had been raised, did anyone remain at the table ? If yes, did she look normal to you, or did you notice any sort of inadequate behaviour for a child of her age ? * How would you describe the group's drinking habits ?

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