Savings bond wizard not updating brendan cole dating

If you have an earlier version of the Wizard, we recommend that you upgrade to this version of the program to make updating easier and have the latest Wizard changes. If you don't have Windows, use our online Savings Bond Calculator.Savings bond rates are announced every May and November.However, it’s Windows-only software that you have to download and install on your own computer.Before you go to that trouble, I recommend you begin by reading my comparison of the four most-used Savings Bond calculators. When you follow the instructions on the link below, you will see a standard Save Dialog Window – create a new folder or select an existing one to save the file – – on your own computer.

When the installation process is complete, find the Wizard in your Start menu and crank it up.

I will contine to update the main articles on this site, but not the comments.

Virtually every question about Savings Bonds has been asked and answered on this site multiple times.

While you can find out the value and current interest rate of your Savings Bonds using my US Savings Bond Calculator, the Treasury also offers software you can download and install on a Windows computer – the Savings Bond Wizard – that has more features.

Unlike my calculator, it offers you the chance to change the valuation date to something other than today and it gives you a way save your bond data for next time.

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