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Living in one of the two holy cities of Islam is an experience to behold.

For those who love Arabian lore and culture, there is hardly any better place to explore religion than Medina.

The big advantage is the fact the American compound ARAMCO is located in Dammam.

ARAMCO is a full blown compound-town full of expats you can meet and hang out with. Another reason why Damamm is one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for expats is the bridge which links it Bahrain.

During my time there I did a lot of exploring and traveled to all the best cities in Saudi Arabia for expats.

Jeddah is hands down one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for expats to live in. You’ll find them scattered about in all the restaurants and coffee shops.

Since Riyadh is the capital city, flights to and from the kingdom are also generally cheaper.

With that said, it still is a very conservative city, but relatively speaking less so than many cities in the kingdom.

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Since getting Saudi visitor visas for friends is a little hard, you can get them to stop over in Bahrain and spend quality time together–which is a big plus.There are many reasons why an expat would want to move to Saudi Arabia, the most notable being the ability to earn a very high, untaxed income.There are very few countries in the world that pay the awesome salaries that can be found in the desert kingdom.You will also find many coffee shops (including Starbucks), as well as plenty of venues to eat.It definitely caters to a more relaxed, pseudo-intellectual crowd.

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