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my stomach and fake cleavage were exposed, and my legs. "im a big sissy baby girl, i need to wear diapers all the time""good girl, now say 'im a little girl, and need my diapee changed""im a little girl, and i need my diapee changed" i spoke towards the camera. you better run through the store to the car in that wet diaper, or we will leave you here! i was standing there, makeup, wig, pacifier in hand, shirt in a knot, and in a wet diaper. now lie down for your diaper change""shouldnt we get in the car first? the parking lot will be fine" just the her 4 freinds pinned me down to the ground. i dont think anyone saw, but it was so nerve racking. before we left, kayla kept rubbing the front of my diaper. and ive worn thongs, so now i want you to know how it feels to be looked at like that. i went to work on the first girl.i had never eaten out a girl before, but it tasted good and the feeling was weird. eating out girls in such a workout, and now my diaper and 2 cummings worth in it."not bad slut, not bad" she said. more pics and camera shots were taken, and we finally laid down for bed. I took the picture and sent it."what a cute lil girl u r. I ran upstairs and sure enough I had a message on my phone."keep this until next weekend. "little girl excited for the weekend I see" said one of her friends. So I said that I had to go home, he was leaving in 5. She got a tiny pink thong out and gave me to put on. My boner stuck straight out and the thong was just pushed over some. I kept going over and over and she was moaning a lot when we were doing anal. As Kassy rubbed it, an erection began to form.“Jeez, settle down there. That hurt a little and Kassy was having the time of her life.“Well Kassy, ive had her eat me out in the vag and butt, and had sex with both as well, so if you want some pleasure, ill get HER right o n it.” “hmm, I am kind of horny. Her body was sooo hot, I had never even seen her in a swimsuit before. she was letting out some moans, and finally I got her to yell, and cum. She took it though, and I just loved the sight of her tits bouncing up and down. Kassy first teased it around my hole, then she slowly put it in. She pushed it all the way in and flipped me over.“Looks like someones excited! This would happen to anyone, its just the feel…”“shut up sissy girl!i was led upstairs, and the girls all got me in the car. i was told to drive to the nearby grocery store, 5 minutes away. people stared and we walked to the bathroom"dont worry, Ill change your diaper" Kayla announced, so people could here. i ordered pizza, and when the guy gets here, you are going to be sitting in a chair behind me with your legs apart! i was given a baby bottle from kayla"drink all that, i want your diaper wet tomorrow morning" she said. go to your sister’s room, grab one of her thongs and put it one. then bend over in front of a mirror and send me a picture (;""Uhm, no""Perhaps you forgot, I have pictures and videos of your. bitch"I couldn’t believe she was gonna do this to me. I didn’t have a choice, I walked into my sister’s room and grabbed a white thong that had a flower of the back triangle part above the g-string. plz don’t wear it and cum in it, even though I know you want to (;"I got nervous. Kayla talked about how she missed her sissy, and that we were going to have so much fun! Kayla again."Tell him you’re not going, and I’m taking you home. She then took a diaper out of the pack, and fully laid it out open, ready to be strapped on. I had to cum one more time so I went back to the diaper. She was wearing a cheetah print bra and a matching thong. So I went over there, pushed aside her g-string, and started eating her ass out. I kept going and going, trying to push my dick deeper and deeper inside her. I said that, and Kayla pulled me away from Kassy and yanked up my diaper, she gave it a few rubs and I came in it. Too bad a girl with a strap-on gives me better sex than you” she teased me, but I didn’t care. She put her thong and bra back on, and then the rest of her clothes, then she declared “I want to change her! Just tell us that you’re a sissy girl and you like it in the ass”I sighed “I’m a sissy girl, and I like it in the ass”“good girl. She sprinkled on some powder and the diaper was taped on over my erection.Chapter 1: The Bet"Giants got this game" i said"bullshit, packers are deffinatley gonna win" she said back.

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i was pretty confident in winning, and having her for a slave would be awesome.

your going to wear everything i give you, so be ready"she tossed me a skirt, a bra that we stuffed, and a bright pink blouse. "i was pushed to the ground, 1 girl started kissing me, 1 rubbed my nipples through my shirt, and the other 3 all were rubbing my dick! i yelled "o my sexy kayla, let my cummy diaper please allow you to forgive me. Kayla’s 2 friends were rubbing me through my thong and diaper. moans escaped my lips."you can’t cum unless you keep screaming "I wanna cum in my diapee! And of course the familiar wig from last time was on the ground, I put that on without asking.“I expect that bottle empty in 20 minutes. I truly looked like a girl, as I didn’t have a real manly face, and now with makeup I didn’t look like a guy in any way.“You look great to go shopping today! It took awhile to walk that far and get everything together. This dress had a Velcro pocket, and Kayla wanted me to have it incase my parents called so nothing would be suspicious. Now, this holes turn.” She flipped over, and lifted the g-string off her ass and pushed it to the side of her cheeks.

she helped me put them all on, the skirt was so short, my diaper was sticking out through the bottom. its some of my friends i invited over for the show.""what! if you dont do it, ill post the video and pics to facebook, and everyone will see, now go answer the door! but she was right, what choice did i have, i had to go i opened the door upstairs, and 4 of the hottest girls ive ever seen started laughing their very hot asses off. Kayla was up there, and they each took a picture next to me, grabbing my dick through the princess diaper. it was amazing, i was softly moaning."Hey, i want to hear you moan like a girl taking it in the ass, now go! the girls all giggled, i never had cum that much before, and it was all in my diaper. im nothing but a little sissy girl, who wants to cum in my diapee while i hump your leg" my breathing was getting heavy as i was close to climax. and kayla told me to keep going even though i came. then kayla go this short, black, sparkly nice dress. it was so short that almost my entire diaper could be seen. this is so uncomfortable" a wet and cum filled tight pull up was very aggravating."sorry, that’s the only one we have. I just started sucking the bottle and tried to sleep... In the mean time we’ll help you get ready” with that her friends walked in. She had sent me a text.“We are telling my brother you have a diaper fetish, and love to get spanked. Her ass was incredibly sexy, and I knew what I had to do.

i was mortified"Extra Large Disney Princess Diapers for the little sissy girl" she said with a wink. she did every thing, eye shadow, liner, blush, lipstick, and then she painted my nails a bright pink! and im sure some people noticed."lay down in the back! i was embarrassed."Aww, is the little girl getting excited about her diaper? i looked at my crotch and saw the princesses faces. Kayla put a pacifer in my mouth and took 2 pictures. i avoided eye contact with any driver as they could see my makeup and pacifier. kaylas friends were cracking up and recording the whole thing. at the same time they started to spank me"take it all you sissy slut! say it""I’m a sissy slut, I love getting my diapered ass spannnn..! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I like getting to cum, but screaming those things, and getting it done in girls clothes or diapers was not how I wanted to do it. I cant be seen in public again, not to mention go up and buy diapers while wearing them. About a half hour later, the girls were all ready, and we got in the car. The girls drew attention to us by them being gorgeous, and walking around with a video camera. Then we got to the baby isle.“Ok, now this is how everything’s going to happen, were gonna ask that cute girl over here to help us. She wore casual jeans and her work shirt.“What can I help you with? She probably couldn’t see through my makeup, but I was beating a dark shade of red.“I, ugh,” I began to say, trying to make my voice higher to disguise the boyishness to it. Do you know what size would fit me”The girl gave this blank stare, I think she was fighting back a bit of a laugh, but I wasn’t sure.“Yeah, uhm, here. My pink dress was flipped up and my diaper now had a yellowish tint in it. She sprinkled on powder and rubbed it in good on my dick. As I got to my feet, she grabbed my dick and pushed it down. Michelle this is my brother John” Michelle wasn’t even close to my boy name, but whatever. We all watched TV and there was a few light conversations. She had on a light blue bra and matching light blue thong with a darker blue outline on the strings. So your going to satisfy all my needs, first, why don’t you give my pussy a taste again” she laid down on the bed, and pushed the front of her thong to the side.

i couldnt believe it, she might actually make me wear that! " i said nervously, people would see through the windows"do it now slut! i think i can handle that" i was obviously not excited for the diaper. Chapter 3: The Trouble drive to and from walmart was about 30 minutes. as i was humping, she kept spanking my diapered ass. i was getting close and she told me to stop"dont you dare cum yet. on my hands and knees, my diapered butt in the air. AHHH" I couldn’t finish saying it as I came a massive cum in my diaper. Kayla then entered the room.“I heard some little girl had a good morning.” She said with a wink. I drove us to the small market that we went to before that I had to run in. Just knowing I was wearing a diaper and this wasn’t who I was got my so embarrassed. You are going to say you need to buy some diapers to fit you. These are all of our extra large packs, and we have a few adult ones on the other side if these won’t fit” she said. Kayla undid it and made comments how much pee and cum was in it. Now instead of it hiding in my waistband, my boner was straight out. If you so much as touch your dick, everyone here will see a spanking” We walked out of the bathroom and up to the clerk and paid for the diapers. John said he was going to go to his friends to play basketball and maybe spend the night. Her bra was taken off, and I got on my knees and started to go to work.

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