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But why then does Eve report that God spoke of the effects of just touching?

Jewish scholars recognized this question and found ways to answer it.

For rebuilding Jewish life, certain Hebrew texts were assumed to be relevant, without mistakes and perfectly consistent with each other, but also cryptic and in need of interpretation.

They have done this not as minds reading but as living human bodies.

The Morgan Bible of Louis IX evokes a specific sense of presence that could not be confined to a particular sensory mode.

To make sense of what Eve said to the serpent, one might imagine that adam pointed out to Eve the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that tree which is in the midst of the garden, and told her what God said.

Most significantly, the paintings in the Morgan Bible show remarkable tension concerning how God communicates with persons whether with a book, a scroll, a hand or head in the sky, or in the full figure of a person standing on the ground.

Despite Louis IXs distinctive choices in ordering its production, the Morgan Bible evokes a sense of presence similar to that of Hebrew scripture. Sense of Scripture Hebrew scripture makes sense through the whole living body.

Louis IXs personal sense greatly emphasized action.

The Morgan Bible, as originally produced for Louis IX, pushed the word out of the book and directed attention to paintings of human actions that composed Gods law as Louis IX sensed it.

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