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Pa Burrito started as a stall, available in big bazaars in the metro, like the upcoming Trendsetter’s Bazaar.

For them, it is important to start small as an entrepreneur and experience the hard work behind it.

Noticeable garlic rice spills in every bite leaving a garlicky breath after. There is versatility in our famous pork adobo and Pa Burrito Pork Adobo proves more of its flexibility.

Staying away from the typical way of eating adobo with rice, Pa Burrito claims that you’ll forget your mom’s adobo with this one.

For the most part of her career, Ryza Cenon has played one antagonist role after another.

With her classic mestiza features that often remind many audiences of Cherie Gil, the 29-year old actress from Gapan, Nueva Ecija has been typecast in mostly kontrabida roles for GMA Network soaps dating back to the 2005 television adaptation of “Darna.” Her latest teleserye, “Ika-6 na Utos” has been dubbed by most viewers as a “sampalan festival” where she plays the mistress of Gabby Concepcion who finds herself both on the giving and receiving end of the show’s signature slapping scenes.

Meanwhile, Ryza knew there is also a demand for light snacks in bazaars, which is why ‘Nachos’ is newly introduced. The curiosity for Pa Burrito’s products doesn’t end there.

Instead of using ordinary cheddar cheese and typical corn chips, Pa Burrito team fries their own tortilla chips and drowns it with cheesy bechamel and salsa for added flair. To blend in with the cheesy bechamel sauce and salsa of the nachos, spiced jerky chicken steps up the game.

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I want to see how we’ll work out their chemistry.” As for Ryza, she is more than ready to take on the challenges of playing lead roles more often from hereon. Why go down if you’re already on your way up, so to speak,” she concluded.

But Ryza’s kontrabida days may be coming to an end.

Last year, she was cast in what she considers her first bonafide lead role, as the title character in Prime Cruz’s “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B.” The film follows the story of Jewel, a mysterious, independent woman by day and a manananggal at night who leads a lonely life until she meets Nico (played by Martin del Rosario), a broken-hearted, down-and-out guy.

Being hands-on in this business, Ryza constantly researches on development of their products and marketing of their brand. This kind of perspective inspires the mass, communicating that anyone can start small and the growth of the business follows.

The name Pa Burrito was born out of the desire to keep the pinoy tradition in their food.

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