Ruby rose dating jessie j

They've had some serious hair evolution moments, of course.Now, Jessie J debuted a shaved pixie cut that's giving us some serious Ruby Rose-meets-Pink vibes, and I'm more than OK with that.JESSIE J (@Jessie J)Hello #heartbeats on Friday 29th June 2012 I'll be at Festival Couleur Cafe! Get tickets here :) J (@Jessie J)Also on the 5th August I'll be partying at Sudoeste tmn festival Ticketlink:Mariah Carey isn't afraid to bare it all for the cameras. The 46-year-old pop diva really piled on the PDA with fiancé James Packer, 48, in front of the paparazzi during their date night in LA over the weekend, and then she revealed a bit more than she bargained for.“For a while there weren’t even that many out males,” Ruby said.“[For that reason] I think [my being a lesbian] was sensationalized a lot.She once told Q Magazine that she's "not really attached" to her hair and that she actually "loves being bald." Jesse J likened her short 'do to that of a baby duck, saying, "It was duck fluff. Whether she's got a head full of vibrant pink hair or a shaved blonde 'do, Jessie J looks gorgeous no matter what, and it's not just because she's absolutely stunning — it's because of the confidence she feels inside!

Then after Mariah got into the car, her skintight black dress revealed a hint of nipple.It'll be interesting when Jessie is forced into being open about a serious relationship she is in (such as if she becomes engaged, etc) and it's unavoidable in the media's attention.There's never been a super famous & young female in a relationship with a woman before that I can think of? Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are the most famous young out lesbian couple I can think of... They've both said things like, "I can't wait to see you!" "I NEED to see you" etc on twitter in public, so lord knows what they say in private.In an interview Ruby said that she was so in awe of singer Jessie J when she interviewed her that she warned her she might be "sick" in her lap.

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