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Sophie's dad Andrew Stevenson said his daughter, who has been single for around 12 months, had been so excited about flying out meet Jesse.The 53-year-old told Sun Online: "As soon as I heard I wanted to go over there and find him.Heartbroken Sophie waited for two hours at the airport and explained she "was really starting to panic and feel abandoned".She heard from him via his abusive messages six hours later at a hotel after making her own way there on a shuttle bus. ” He promptly blocked her on social media, she said.He had no contact with her after they left Barcelona. "He did not send her any text messages and they did not speak on the phone.The text messages that have been published were not sent by Mr Mateman." Today Sophie, of Stoke, told how she met the Dutchman on a rooftop terrace bar in Barcelona while caught up in August’s terror attack.

Devastated Sophie said: "When I saw that message, I wanted to be sick.

In the latest statement from Yehudi Moszkowicz, representing Jesse, he said: "Mateman was in Barcelona with a number of friends and met Mrs Stevenson there.

"Indeed, they have a so-called 'one night stand' which has taken place in her hotel room, but Mateman did not spend the night.

I just couldn't believe it." She added: "I am furious that this happened and it's so dangerous.

"I want people to know what happened to me so that this never happens to anyone else." Her mum and dad earlier told Sun Online they wanted to "kill" Jesse for what he had apparently done to their daughter.

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