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In it, a group of men is seen whistling, trying to intimidate the girl while screaming profanities at her.As the footage continues to make the rounds online, thousands are reacting to it.It is time to speak up ab it AND FORCE LAW PUNISHMENTS— lemia. Recording the next episode of #Unexpected Fluids for @BBCR1 today!According to Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya broadcaster, the kingdoms' air defense forces have intercepted a missile over the capital Riyadh on Wednesday, following at least three blasts that were heard in the city.

And as Mr Trump readies himself for the first 9/11 commemoration as President, the litany of controversial remarks will come under fresh scrutiny.

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Shortly after the attack, Mr Trump claimed 0,000 from the government to cover “rent loss” and “repairs”.

The money had originally been set aside for small businesses in the area.

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