Review of match com dating site

Match is known one of the most famous dating sites, with the largest amount of active users and most popular in the UK and the US. This was a complete relief after trying out eharmony where the questionnaire literally takes about 3 hours! ) It also has a short list that lets you choose a personality type. I noticed that one of the choices was “I’m high maintenance” which did make me chuckle. There’s then a short questionnaire with details about you such as job, appearance, hobbies and so on with multiple choice boxes and sometimes options to put in a little comment, which takes around 5 mins to complete.I’ve already had lots of winks and messages so I can see that there are plenty of active people. But match does well to make it easy to find things in common and icebreakers, and allows you to pull in info about what films you like, books, music and so on which is really cool.I really liked the look of some of the people I’ve seen, and I’ve had friends who’ve met some lovely people from so if you’re willing to put in the effort you can find them too! There are lots of quirky and unusual extra features to help you find people on that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Like the Daily Six, Match will continue to suggest matches for you, and you say yes if you like what you see.Once you’ve seen that there are people you are interested in and you want to talk to them, then it’s time to subscribe.Prices are reasonable and you can even get a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you don’t meet someone suitable.Here’s some stuff I really liked: This is a new feature, which selects 6 great matches for you straight away, based on your questionnaire answers. Here you get to say whether you like them, or maybe like them, or just don’t.The ones you like will then see your profile in their Daily 6 and if they select like you back it lets you both know so that you can begin chatting and maybe even go on a date!

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