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See full summary » Stars: Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford The contestants are required to make bar menu meals in forty minutes, sous-chefs Christina and James "Jocky" assist Ramsay in the judging, and the contestant who makes the best meal is safe from elimination.Director: Sharon Trojan Hollinger Mixing the story of The Wizard of Oz with Todrick Hall's life story and beliefs, this modernized musical remake of The Wizard of Oz takes the classic and covers themes such as love, gay rights, police brutality, and more.Stars: Todrick Hall, Tessa Bella, Willam Belli, Wayne Brady Hostess Alison Sweeney welcomes five innovative bakers to prove their holiday cookie-making skills; experts Damiano Carrara, Sharone Hakman and Jordin Sparks judge the confections and determine who will go home with a ,000 prize.Stars: Alison Sweeney, Damiano Carrara, Sharone Hakman, Jordin Sparks Zoe is forced to make a business deal for the first time without Gemini's help. Gemini comes to terms with the uphill battle he must face in the ring.Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday; guest co-hostess Jordin Sparks; Rep.

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Also: The Willis Clan (The Willis Family (2015)) perform.

Stars: Meredith Vieira, Billy Bush, Kit Hoover, Sunny Hostin The 2014 Billboard Music Awards where various artists from different categories such as pop,rap,hip hop,inde and so on get to preform on stage, and /or get to win a Billboard Music Award.

Victory achieved, he bowed to all sides of the court, but not before raising a clenched fist of triumph and a smile of affection to Steffi Graf sitting close by. British hearts will be in their mouths if he plays Henman in the final. Unless the force of destiny really is with our Tim, Agassi's power has now established him as favourite for a second Wimbledon title. The smart money is on Agassi to pull through and to win Sunday's final.

He is not a betting man, however, and he said: 'All I know is that all four of us in the semis have a shot.

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