Rehydating liquids

If you are going to brew on Saturday, take the yeast packet out of the refrigerator on Tuesday . If it is a smack pack, place the packet on the countertop and feel for the inner bubble of yeast nutrient.Burst this inner bubble by pressing on it with the heel of your hand. If you are not using a smack pack, proceed directly to step 3.You will be making two successive starters to take the place of the mini-starter smack pack.2.Put the packet in a warm place overnight to let it swell. Some brewers, who shall remain nameless, have been known to sleep with their yeast packets to keep them at the right temperature.Your pharmacist can recommend oral rehydration sachets.These are powders that you mix with water and then drink.

Cover and place in a warm area out of direct sunlight.4.Below, I describe how to make a yeast starter, which is meant to build up the cell counts for the 50 ml size smack-pack yeast pouches, and yeast packaged as slants.(A slant is a small tube containing agar or similar growth media and a relatively low number of yeast cells.) Ready-to-pitch yeasts, and and the larger 175 ml smack-packs do not need a starter, depending on their freshness, but it never hurts. )Making a Liquid Yeast Starter Liquid yeast packets should be stored in the refrigerator to keep the yeast dormant and healthy until they are ready to be used.The package must be squeezed and warmed to 80°F at least two days before brewing.The packet will begin to swell as the yeast wake up and start consuming the nutrients.

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