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Server-side validation can take many forms: We’ll be looking at some specific strategies for mitigating XSS utilizing ASP. These strategies include validation, output encoding, and sanitation. NET applications throw an Http Request Validation Exception in the event that HTML (or other potentially malicious values) are detected in the user input, which terminates the request.

Of course, such a blanket strategy can’t cover every possible case – further validation will be needed to ensure that input matches expectations.

Let’s look at a brief example of resolving an XSS vulnerability.

Consider the following method: The code does several things well: attribute.

It is possible that an attacker could alter the page’s markup to include a malicious script, or trick the user into visiting a different web page.

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By writing custom validation attributes, a developer can implement complex validation logic very cleanly. NET Web Forms and MVC validation can be found in the articles below.and give it an expression to match against the specified control’s content.There are even built in expressions to choose from…of which is “Internet URL”. Below is my helper method for doing this, but you can easily write the check inline if you wish.Web Forms pages have a Validate Request attribute that can be set to “false”, and MVC controller actions can be decorated with a [Validate Input(false)] attribute.Individual MVC view model properties can also be decorated with [Allow Html] for granular control.

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