Regnal year dating

From 1368 AD until 1912 AD only one era name was used by each emperor, who was posthumously known by his era name.The tradition of Chinese era names survives in the Republic of China's Minguo calendar, with Minguo, the Chinese for Republic, taking the place of the era name.If it lasted the entire length of the leader's reign, then that leader is often referred to by that name posthumously.However, the leader was often given a more complex formal posthumous name as well.

Abolished era names may be reused, for example as a means of claiming or denying political legitimacy. thus denying the legitimacy of the Qing dynasty, and allegiance to the Ming regime.

It should not be confused with a temple name, by which many leaders are known.

The Lanfang Republic era, Republic of Formosa era and Republic of China era are era names without an emperor.

Korea used independent era names whilst reigning in all of its variety of nations.

Korean endemic eras were used from 391 to 1274 and from 1894 to 1910.

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