Reese witherspoon movie dating two guys

Would it not have been simpler and funnier to have Pine and Witherspoon drink the wine, start to make out, only to have Pine drift off to sleep as a hot and bothered Witherspoon looks on disappointed, thinking Pine is uninterested?There is a grain of a promising story here, but the execution is horrible and the characters completely unbelievable.

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The two guys do not complain of her not telling them that she is dating someone else as they are even less honest to her. The action is never exciting or tense, and the jokes, except for Handlers, are never funny enough.

When the movie starts, Tuck and FDR kill a target and later his brother comes looking for them leading to another action scene at the movie's end, by which time I was rooting for the brother to kill them both.

And the less said about how the villain is able to track them both down by a scrap of cloth the better.

The cast deserves better and certainly audiences do as well. An unlucky in love consumer products tester dates two men to test each one out to see who is the better match for her.

Minus the opening scene, the entire film takes place in just over one weeks time.

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