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If you ever see a picture of the green or grey Penns, you'll quickly realize why those colors didn't last for more than a few years.Apparently the green and gray reels are very scarce and collectors go after them with a passion.At one point, I have no idea when, the reels were no longer made with wooden handles; the handles were made from plastic.

Penn actually made some models for a few years that were green and grey.

Dating A Penn Reel - It's virtually impossible to figure out exactly what year a Penn reel was made.

Would have been nice if Penn had stamped a production date on each reel, but that didn't happen.

Penn still makes reels today, but they don't have the "look and feel" of the older Penn reels.

I've read a few snippets here and there that Penn reels and parts are now made in China, but I can't verify that fact.

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