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"As for Duhamel, he says the message of unconditional love is what sticks with him the most, especially given his own role as a father to his 4-year-old son, Axl."What I liked about this guy is that he's like a lot of guys out there," Duhamel noted.

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Garner and Duhamel also praised the lighthearted nature of the film, which is tricky to pull off given its important subject matter."It's just a beautiful, fun, sweet, funny movie," Garner said.

"And it happens to have at the center of it a really gorgeous version of a young man coming out, and it can either be about that for you -- and really speak directly to you -- or it can be a movie that you go and just have popcorn and have a great time, because it does have all of those kind of frothy, fun whimsical qualities, just with something really beautiful at the core."An important part of the film is definitely its good sense of humor."When I read it, it was something I felt was different from what I had seen before, there was nothing heavy-handed about it," Duhamel added.

"I wanted it to be me because I feel that for moms or dads or anyone who sees us ...

or wonders how they would handle it, this is a beautiful template, you know?

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