Reading his signals dating

I am totally guilty of falling into this trap; I still struggle with it.

When we don’t get texts back quickly, our mind starts to race, and we assume the worst. And the panic subsides until down the line, they don’t respond to a different text within your expected time window, or their response time changes, and you spiral downward once again.

But I’ve learned that many others aren’t like me, and so I don’t take it personally.

The bottom line is everyone has their own comfort levels, and that may not be tied to how they feel about you. Not wanting to discuss an issue at the time you want means they just don’t care.

You would have had a hard time convincing me in my twenties, but now, at 43, I know that not wanting to have sex doesn’t mean your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you. We have long days that leave us mentally and physically exhausted. Either way, an unreturned “I love you” doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is no longer interested in you. For others, it’s an often grasped sign of security.

At first, I was offended (hurt) and questioned our friendship. So I accepted that and adjusted, and we’re still good friends. If they don’t try to kiss you on the first date, it means they’re not into you.I used to believe this; it was the fuel of many unwarranted fights.You see, I’m a talker, and when there’s an issue, I want to talk about it — immediately. And if you don’t want to talk about it, I feel like you don’t care, or that it’s not important to you.But public affection also just isn’t promoted in their culture. But I get it: Not getting affection returned can be hurtful and lead to questions.I’m actually very tactile and do enjoy public affection.

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