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Gabriel Aubry Kim dated Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend, very briefly before dating (and later marrying) basketball player Kris Humphries.Kris Humphries Kim and basketball player Kris Humphries began dating in late 2010, when a New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets teammate of Kris' introduced the two.Damon Thomas Kim and the music producer were married from 2000 to 2004 – Kim was 19 when they got married in Las Vegas.Ray JThe two met when Kim was working for rapper Ray J's sister, Brandy, as her stylist. Some think Kim's rise to fame is due to her sex tape with boyfriend Ray J, but Kim's decade-long mega-hit reality TV show, makeup line, and endorsement deals are because of her hard work and business chops.Cannon told The Howard Stern Show in 2012 that Kim lied to him about her sex tape with Ray J: she said it didn't exist, which allegedly led to Cannon and Kim's split in February 2007, when it came out.Reggie Bush, former football player Reggie Bush would sporadically make appearances. Miles Austin Kim and Miles, another football star, dated in 2010.

Rashad Mc Cants claims dating Khloé Kardashian cost him $ 70 ,000.Asked if she would accept if he proposed, she shared recently: "Yes I would ... Kris Jenner feels like Caitlyn Jenner's "scapegoat".He told the Charlotte Observer newspaper: "Without that situation in play, I’m a - 70 million player.If you're wondering who have the Kardashians dated, we have the complete list for you.The three sisters who started an empire have gone through their single phases, long-term boyfriends, and more on the main show, and its spin-offs such as Kim and Ray J's sex tape by showing the aftermath of that scandal.

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