Radiocarbon dating calibration curve

For the remaining period 12,400-26,000 cal yr BP, the curve is derived from independently dated marine samples such as foraminifera and corals.

A new internationally-ratified calibration curve (Int Cal09) covering the whole radiocarbon timescale (~50,000 cal yr) is being prepared by the Int Cal Working Group.

You have sent your samples off to the lab and received the results back. Because the date is only the conventional age, you need to transform it to calendar years by using a calibration program. CALIB 4.4 These figures tell you that the most likely age of your sample is between AD 13 (a 96.3% chance). It is also possible (though not very likely) that the sample dates to the period between AD15 (3.6%) or AD13 (0.1%).

When presenting your results, be sure to round off to the nearest "10". Be sure to consider the following: The CALIB program can also plot these results on a graph.

This curve covers the past 11,000 cal yr, which is based on the dendrochronologically-dated tree rings for the last millennium and on model ages for the remaining period.

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In addition, are there any locally or regionally available marine reservoir corrections? Be sure to incorporate these adjustments into your calibrations, if necessary, and provide a list of the offset that you used.Find out more about the Kindle Personal Document Service.Let's say that you have considered all of the potential dating and sampling issues.There is a small difference in the natural atmospheric C levels in the southern troposphere are therefore usually lower than those in the northern troposphere, and the radiocarbon ages of terrestrial materials in the Southern Hemisphere for a particular period of time are usually older than those in the Northern Hemisphere.The current internationally-ratified radiocarbon calibration curve for terrestrial samples from the Southern Hemisphere is SHCal04.

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