Racial preferences in dating in may 2016 bitch and dating book

Daniel Reeves is a co-founder of Beeminder and Sharad Goel is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research - New York City.

They are both former members of the Microeconomics and Social Systems (MESS) Group at Yahoo!

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These specificities may be the result of a ‘racial hierarchy’, the study suggests.

People may prefer same-race relationships for reasons as diverse as religious beliefs, social or cultural expectations, a sense of shared identity, or race-related physical attributes.

Though explicit racism is likely also a factor — as highlighted by the backlash against Cheerios for airing a commercial featuring an interracial couple — it is by no means the only one.

Notably, we find that conservatives are not any more exacting than liberals on non-race attributes.

Conservatives, that is, are not simply more selective in general, but rather exhibit a specific interest in race.

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